Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We are really retired!

We are now in the middle of our first week of retirement and we haven't quite wrapped our minds around it yet. We both miss our coworkers and feel like we are going back to work any day now. There is lots of work to do (packing!) and we need to get the house ready to sell. The rain, rain, rain has returned, making it hard to get anything done outside. So we spend alot of time sitting at our computers, looking at PV property and dreaming of warm weather.....

Monday, March 13, 2006

Drowning in paperwork...

The process of retiring takes LOTS of paperwork, most of which has to be notarized. Moving to Mexico is the same, and not only do all your documents have to be notarized, they also must have an apostille, an international type of document verification that can only be executed by the secretary of state. Since I was born in Oregon, Jerry was born in Idaho and we were married in Washington, we had to mail our documents to three different states for the apostille. In order to get our resident visas for Mexico, we also had to be fingerprinted to receive a "letter of good conduct" from our state police. Whew!
All the paperwork is now done, and we will go to the Mexican Consulate here in Portland next week to get our FM3 visas.

There is SO much information on the internet about moving to Mexico. If you are interested, start with For lots of information about Puerto Vallarta, take a look at

This is our last week of work...this time next week, we will be RETIRED. Lots of nice parties and get-togethers, so I approach this with mixed feelings. We plan to make our move around the middle of May. Lots of work to do.....

These two kitties are about to become "dos gatos Mexicanos"