Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tenemos dos chivas bonitas (we have two beautiful goats)

Top picture: Noelle and Virginia
Bottom picture: our Thanksgiving feast, served on the patio. The picture above shows my sweetheart Jerry, Linda, Jim, Sue and Harold. On the lower left corner - a plate of homemade pork, corn and cheese tamales.

As we mark our second Thanksgiving in Mexico, we have some sadness and some happiness - one of the goats has been sold. The vivero manager Pepe came to our house early one morning about a week ago and said that the owner has ordered him to get rid of the goats...they are starting to eat the palm trees. So Pepe talked to Jerry and offered to give us one (of our choice). Jerry chose Virginia. Then, he said that we could also buy Noelle ($500 pesos, or $50). But June (the biggest one - and the one we named after Jerry's mom) had already been sold. So someone came and got her. It was very hard to watch her being captured and taken away, and the little ones cried and cried.

Jerry made a trip to the ferreteria for fencing and to the feed store for hay - we are now sharing our yard with Virginia and Noelle. Not exactly what we had planned for that space, but we are happy to have them, and they seem to be figuring out that they have landed in a good place.

Our Thanksgiving celebration this year included some special treats - our good friend Jim Grant joined us from Portland, and our friends Linda, Sue and Harold also shared tamales with us. Jim, Jerry and I put them together the night before and had a great time. They did not look perfect, but they tasted heavenly.

It goes without saying that we have much to be thankful for this year, as always. Our friends and family in Portland remain in our thoughts and we miss you all. But.... you CAN come and visit. Ask Jim - doesn't he look like he is having a good time? Book that flight!