Saturday, September 30, 2006


We still don’t have an internet connection in our Bucerias casa – Telecable (pronounced tay-lay-COB-lay) does not have a line on our street and would have to run a cable from the nearest cross street to hook us up (only about 10 meters away). They haven’t decided yet if they want to do that, so we wait. Our other options are satellite dish (expensive and not very fast) and waiting about two months for a phone line. Hmmmm. But we have found a café not far from the house where we can take our laptop and use their wireless internet. That will have to do for now. Not a bad gig – the café is called “Pie in the Sky” and serves fresh mango pie and great coffee!

So much has happened since I was last able to post. We have lived in our house for four weeks today, and it is proving to be a lovely place to live. Very quiet and peaceful, especially at night, when we can hear the iguanas whistling “goodnight” in the trees, the ubiquitous geckos chirping away and many other (so far) unidentifiable jungle-type noises just outside our windows. We are the only gringos in a Mexican neighborhood and our neighbors have been very friendly and welcoming.

Today, the cement is being poured for the outside stairs to the second level, and our new gate will be installed. We have gone through so many bags of cement that we can’t count them, and we have inhaled enough cement dust to construct at least one pillar of the Fremont Bridge. We have accomplished a lot in the last four weeks:
  • the house has been completely rewired, with LOTS of electrical outlets;
  • the kitchen has been renovated, with new counters, shelves and beautiful tile, a new stove and refrigerator;;
  • the entire interior and exterior have been painted with bright and cheerful colors;
  • the wall has been completed on the north and west sides of the house;
  • a new elevation was created for the driveway and a cement driveway was built, with flower boxes along the outside wall;
  • new fans were installed;
  • beautiful new patio built in the backyard;
  • a "bodega" (storage space) was built in the backyard;
  • a staircase to the roof level has been built (almost);
  • new wrought iron gate (almost).

I know there is more, but can't think of it all right now! I wish I could post more pictures, but for some reason, this connection won't accommodate - perhaps it is not powerful or fast enough. I'll keep trying!

And our three Mexicano gatos are having a great time – climbing trees, chasing bugs and playing in the goat pasture next door. They are much happier – and safer- than they were in Vallarta, and so are we. More later – hoping for internet access soon!


mokaa said...

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lilyrose said...

Hey you guys we miss you, but it sounds like you are doing great.

Jo said...

Hi.. Sounds like all is well in the neighborhood. I just returned from Kansas City,Mo. Found it wonderful. Kids are doing well. Had great weather not to humid and only one day of 90+, most days 75.
Got out of "Dodge" just in time as a big storm was coming down the plains from Canada. Got on the plane with temp of 75 in KC. Got off to change planes in Denver and it was 38+-, and "40 miles of bad road" in the skies getting out of Denver.
I will call soon with more info about the trip. Any word about the place you would like me to stay when I visit? Miss you Much