Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More pictures of our tormenta (storm)...

The recycling lot up the street from us where Jerry volunteers his time. They'll need a new sunshade before summer.

Ah, this is why you reinforce the bricks with steel rebar! We've never seen anything like this in Mexico before.

Power lines caught in a downed tree. Amazingly, we had power restored about 4 o'clock this morning.

Lots of damage at the local tourist market, where sheet metal roofs are the norm.

This is the roof from our favorite beach restaurant, Gordos. It blew off and landed on this guy's market stall. Mucho dinero damages here.
Thanks to John, Christie and McKenzie Forget for these great pictures. Good job guys! Unfortunately, our poor town didn't need this...when the tourists finally begin to arrive agin after last year's flu, drug cartel fears and the bad US economy, many of the local vendors are temporarily or permanently out of business.


swtdreamz said...

I feel so bad for the residence down there I was just in Bucerious last week . It was a beautiful place. We got home saturday, but my Brother and his wife are still there but we have just heard from them and they are fine. Now the hunt is on to find my neice and her new hubby. they are in Peurto Vallarta and im not sure how far the storm spread. any news would be very helpful. thanks Maureen

Sue said...

So shocking and scary. We have friends flying to PV next week. Thankfully it won't stop anyone who visits on a regular basis. My prayers are with you and the entire area.