Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We are making progress....

This is our new home, on Amapas Street in Puerto Vallarta. We will rent here through August, when we will hopefully have a permanent home. The movers will be here to pack our "stuff" on May 8. LOTS of paperwork involved here, but fortunately, the movers will take care of that. We are not taking any furniture -just what will fit in an 8' by 8' by 4' container. Memories of two lifetimes - and neither of us is very good at throwing things away.

Our new official address, however, will be in Miami, FL, where the mail forwarding service run by Mailboxes, Etc. in PV operates. Once a week or so, they will courier the mail to PV and it will end up in our box. The Mexican postal service is apparently not very reliable, and most expats use a forwarding service.

Less than three weeks now!

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