Saturday, May 06, 2006

Our house is sold....

One of our most stressful remaining "loose ends" was the house. We didn't put it on the market until two weeks before we were scheduled to leave. We had so many little finishing touches we wanted to complete - like Jerry's ambitious fence with four gates. It was on the market for five hours before we got a full asking price offer. It will close after we leave, but we have a friend who will act on our behalf to sign papers with a power of attorney. Whew.

The movers come in two days to pack us up. We are sending about 400 cubic feet of our belongings - about 10% of what we had when we started. This has been the most challenging part of our whople you keep the birthday card Aunt Helen gave you in fourth grade? What about that first valentine you ever received? And this book that a boyfriend gave you in college - look, he even wrote a poem inside the front cover! Difficult decisions, but we got pretty ruthless before it was over. We scanned lots and lots of old documents and pictures, then recycled the originals. All of our important documents (passports, FM3s) are also scanned as a backup.

We find ourselves at loose ends. We are saying lots of goodbyes - many lunches and dinners. I said goodbye to my dear sister yesterday - she lives 300 miles away and we met halfway. That was the hardest thing yet, but I look forward to seeing her in Mexico when they visit (soon, I hope).

Eight more days.

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