Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Our stuff is on its way!

Two 200-cubic foot containers of our memories and everyday essentials were filled and sealed in this moving van yesterday. No furniture - we can buy new furniture in Mexico (and many homes are sold furnished). Jerry sent most of his tools (even his drill press) and I could not imagine parting with my Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, espresso machine, etc. We sent a few cool-weather clothes to wear when we come back to Oregon for a visit. We sent a few boxes of books, lots of DVDs, CDs, art supplies, artwork, computer, TV, stereo and lots of family memorabilia. It will arrive in 3-4 weeks following its very complicated journey through the border and customs processes. One of the huge advantages of hiring a company experienced in international moves is that they take care of all the paperwork. Fret-free. We hope and trust. The cost, for those who are interested? $5200, plus any customs charges and fees.

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