Tuesday, June 13, 2006


We have been having a great time looking for property to buy, and have driven a rental car as far south as Mismaloya and as far north as San Pancho (about 20-30 miles either side of Puerto Vallarta). We have become smitten with the little town of Bucerias, which is only about 10 miles north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. Close to the city we love, but with the peaceful advantages of a small town of 6,000 population. Many foreigners live there, not just Americans and Canadians, but from all over the world. And they are not all retired - many work and live there and own small businesses. Like the German woman and her husband who own Carnes del Mundo - a wonderful butcher shop that sells all kinds of sausages and deli meats. We have found a house (a bit of a fixer-upper) that we like very much and we will probably make an offer this week. Here is a picture - we love the round front of the house with nine little windows!


vicarious friends said...

Make sure you have plenty of guest rooms

Anonymous said...

So if we come do we have to have painting clothes? How fixer upper is the house you're looking at?
Will write more this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
This is your niece Mary. Could you e-mail me at merryndave@msn.com? I want to ask you a question.
Love, M.