Thursday, June 01, 2006

FINALLY we have internet access!

It took almost three weeks, but the cable company tech arrived today and installed our wireless internet. Hooray! The original appointment was for May 22, and we have waited (sometimes not so patiently) every day since. It was worth the wait.

Our little Casa Luna is very comfortable. Situated in Old Town Vallarta, we are only 75 yards from the beach, and even closer to our favorite restaurant, El Dorado, where we love to go drink a margarita, eat a HUGE shrimp cocktail and watch the sunset. (see picture).

The cats have settled in very well and stay close to home after a skirmish with a neighborhood alley cat the first week. They seem to be enjoying the warm weather and like sleeping on the cool tile floors.

We had an email from the moving company today (mostly in Spanish, so navigating it was a challenge) and our shipment of household goods has arrived at the border. We will hear from them again next week to see how successfully the shipment has cleared. We are crossing our fingers for a green light.

Puerto Vallarta is a world away from Portland, Oregon. I'm not sure we anticipated how different it would be, but so far we have not regretted our move. Learning Spanish better is now our top priority - getting along from day to day requires it. More later.


Jo said...

I'm eager to hear more about your move and see pictures as you move around the city and your neighborhood. It will be fun to write to you in Spanish as "we all get better with the new language"
All is quiet here. I am now a "hasbeen" Regent for DAR and I was able to move the "big box" of stuff over to the new Regent on Tuesday afternoon. Andy and I went out to dinner to celebrate.
We picked a good night as it is raining, raining, raining today.
Eager to hear more.
Love and Hugs,

PaMex said...

Hi. Welcome to Mexico lindo y querido. We love Bucerias as well, thought of moving there. Now we are rethinking lakeside again, looking at Manzanillo and the Costa Alegre (Barra de Navidad, La Manzanilla, etc). How are you getting your stuff across the border without paying duty before you have your FM3s? Didn't know you could do that. All best, Jon and Arleen Pace