Friday, December 01, 2006

First of December?

As December begins, it is hard to believe that Christmas is near. I suppose I will get used to it eventually, but I have always associated Christmas with cold, miserable weather. The weather here is absolutely perfect now, and will be for the next several months. Nice warm days, about mid-80s, and a little coolness at night, maybe 65-70. The humidity is much lower and I notice the difference in the kitchen, where the salt and sugar no longer clump together, and it is possible to keep potato chips crisp after opening them.

The stores here have been full of Christmas items since September, and I was SO disappointed to see that most of the merchandise is exactly like something we would buy in the US, and all of it is made in China. It is disorienting, when the temperature outside is 85F, to walk into a store with palm trees in the parking lot and find 8 foot plastic snowglobes with snowmen and fake white stuff swirling around inside. Do they actually sell this stuff to somebody? I guess they must....but not to me. To get something uniquely Mexican to decorate our house this year, I'll try going to the Sunday tianguis (open air market) in Bucerias.

Now that we are finished remodeling and redecorating the inside of the house, we are beinning to focus on landscaping. Jerry has been busy with outside projects - he built a small "fence" along the patio to make sure that the dogs don't root up the roses I plan to plant there this afternoon. He has been experimenting with plaster molds and concrete to make some beautiful art objects to adorn our stairway and gardens. As soon as we have some progress to show, I'll post pictures to our flickr site. This site is STILL unable to process picture uploading.

Hasta luego for now.

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Nancy Cushwa said...

Hola Karen and Jerry, I love reading your blog and looking at the photos. Peter and I are going to Mazatlan Jan. 2. We'll be wandering down the coast to Puerto Vallerta for 2 weeks. We'd love to pay you a brief visit sometime during those 2 weeks. Do you have a phone # we could call you in advance..Nancy & Peter _