Monday, February 12, 2007

Come and visit!

One of the genuine pleasures of living here is having visitors from home and sharing with them the many pleasures of our lives here in Bucerias, Mexico. Since November, we’ve had visits from some former neighbors Peter and Nancy, my daughter Justine and her friend Megan, Justine again (for Christmas) this time with her dear husband Mark, then my best friend Jo and adopted brother Dave.

Seeing our home and our community through the eyes of a visitor is great fun, and we also have the opportunity to act as tour guides. It is difficult to determine the most important things to show our visitors – always a tour of the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta with its stunning and accessible public art, then a walk on the Isla Cuale – an island in the middle of the Rio Cuale that divides Puerto Vallarta north and south. This is a great place to shop in the public markets and have a wonderful lunch at the Bistro Jazz Café or the River Café. Sitting along the river dining on chicken and squash blossom crepes and sneaking a peek at the iguanas that live in the large trees along the river is awesome (I know the word is over-used, but it is true. )

Right now, the weather is perfect – around 82F during the day and 58F at night. THIS is why we moved to Mexico! Humidity is very low and the mosquitoes are at a minimum. Jerry is working on several house projects and I am spending my time painting and drawing for the most part. Just lovely.

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