Wednesday, February 03, 2010


A new look for our front yard...

this limb crashed down on the cyclone fence.
Other broken limbs remain in the tree, awaiting some help to remove.

Our neighbor Demetrio found a young iguana that had apparently blown out of a tree...

...and Jerry gave him a new home in our poor broken tree.

Was it a hurricane? A tornado? A waterspout? No one seems to know for sure, but about 11 o'clock last night, the gently falling rain turned into a howling storm, with wind gusts estimated at 100 mph or better. The thunder crashed, the lightning flashed and the lights (of course) went out.

Our weather this winter has been puzzling for long-time residents of Bucerias. Our rain usually ends in October, and does not revisit the area until mid-late June of the next year. This winter, we had several days of heavy rain in November, again in December and again in January. Right now, it has been raining steadily for three days. Because most of the streets in town are either cobblestone or dirt, there are deep ravines everywhere, and many are impassable. People who have lived here all their lives are shaking their heads in wonder. Their explanation? "Loco." Works for me - it's as good as any explanation I've heard so far.


Becky said...

This is unbelievable. We were there less than a week ago. I cannot believe this has happened. The local were saying that the weather we were experiencing and conditions in the ocean were unheard of this time of year, they must have known something was coming. I pray for you and the people of Bucerias. My Aunt, Uncle and cousin and her husband are in PV this week still. Do you know how far up shore this storm went by chance. My family has been in contact with my aunt and uncle but have not yet heard from my cousin and her new husband.

michaela said...

I bought some of those papas rojas. We ate some raw...they were fairly sweet. I took the rest back and fried them up which was a challenge as there is so much water in them they spattered a lot in the pan. They did make an interesting addition to the stir fry, but I don't think I'd buy them again. I have lived to two cities in Michoacan and had never seem them before till Patzcuaro!